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Making some comments on this story...

You have definitely heard about Isis an her stunning story...but if not, please check this out!

Yes, I am also a girl. And yes, I also had some strange situations because of this, but I never really cared about it. I really think if someone defines people by their gender, then there must be a problem with him or her, but somehow we have to show these kind of people that all their preconceptions are not true at all! So let's show them!

Something else I really want to be made real is the idea of Isis.

My stories have become such a source of inspiration for so many people. I am now developing a team to build out www.ilooklikeanengineer.com, a safe platform for us all to continue to share our stories and experiences relating to diversity issues in tech. If you are a UX designer or know Ruby on Rails/Backbone and would like to help contribute, we would love to have you on board. Please reach out at the information provided on the landing page.

I quoted this from her original post on Medium.

So let's support her idea! When it comes ready, then I will be happy to visit the site and contribute!



If you have a story or a funny thing to share, please let me know!