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Short introduction

First step, when starting a blog, is introducing yourself!

Hi there, dear Reader!

Thanks for exploring my site!

First I would like to give a short introduction about myself, because I think it is best way to start a blog! :) Maybe you have some questions, so I will try to answer a few! ;)

  • Who are you?
  • I'm Leah, a 19 year-old Hungarian girl. I live in small village and at the moment I am between secondary school (because I finished it in May) and university (I am going to start in September). This is the main reason I am starting this blog now.

    Here is a to-do and a to-dream list:

    • I will learn Computer Science.
    • I will have a degree.
    • I will work as a developer.
    • I will have my own company.


    Later on, if you will read my posts, I will talk about these in details, so you will understand why these are on my list.

  • What will this blog be about?
  • Good question. I do not consider myself a girlish girl, I do not mean that I'm a boy, I only mean that I like things that are not especially considered to be girlish (yet). I want to talk about my world (and maybe yours, too, 'couse you are reading this): technology, computer science, programming languages, etc. I think you got it. :) I'm also interested in some specific topics like AI(mainly NLP and MAchine Learning), esoteric programming languages (my favourite is BF) and an interesting one, which is not connecting to anything I mentioned before: Philosophy.


  • When do you start this blog?
  • Best question! I almost forgot it! This is my very first and most important thing to do now:

    By the authority invested in me, I start this blog now. :)


If you have a story or a funny thing to share, please let me know!